Subway Surfers Online Hack

Account, Coins and Keys

Step 1/4

Please, enter the Facebook username / ID if you know it or the email you use for signing into Facebook. No password is required.

If you do not know your Facebook ID, click this link: and you will be redirected to your profile.

Copy the from the address bar and paste it into the field above. If you cannot get the username / ID, you can also use your email address.

Since you can use the service only once every 30 days, please make sure you have selected the right amount of Coins and Keys.

The Fine Print / Disclaimer

Once you fill in the required information, we will do some necessary checks regarding your previous usage of the hack tool. During these checks, our system will get the current account status from the game servers. The free keys and coins will not be credited to banned or locked accounts.

We will also check our logs to see if you have used the hack in the last 30 days and if you have, an additional confirmation will be displayed for safety reasons or we will deny you access to the service.

Users coming from IP ranges marked as unsecure, fraudulent or with a history of abuse will require an extra step of verification to protect our service from SPAM and automated bots.


Step 2/4

You have selected to add 500000 Coins and 3250 Keys to username. If this is the correct information, click the "Confirm" button. If not, reload the page and start over.

Please make sure you have selected the right amount of Coins and Keys. You can use this tool only once every 30 days.

Performing checks

Step 3/4

Please, stand by while we do some checks.

  • Checking the tool status...
  • Connecting to server...
  • Checking if you have used the hack in the last 30 days...
  • Checking if the account is banned or locked...
  • Can 500000 Coins be credited to the account...
  • Can 3250 Keys be credited to the account...
  • Waiting for confirmation...
  • Decrypting conformation messages...

Verification needed

Step 4/4

We are sorry, but we need to verify that you are a human.

Please, complete an offer below, wait 3-7 minutes for the servers to process the information and the 500000 Coins and 3250 Keys will be added to your account.

SPAM Bot protection active! Waiting for human verification.

Free Coins and Keys with our Subway Surfers Hack

Before you use the Subway Surfers Hack to get your free Coins and Keys, you must know that unlike some scam sites that promise you unlimited Coins and Keys, our method has some limitations.

If you do not want to get banned from the game, there are only few possible options when it comes to the number of Coins and Keys you can get with the hack tool in a month. Below are the available quantities for each resource you can get. If this is not enough, you can always use the tool again, but please wait at least 30 days otherwise you will be putting your account at risk.

Free Coins

  • Stack of Coins – 7500 Coins
  • Pile of Coins – 45000 Coins
  • Bag of Coins – 180000 Coins
  • Chest of Coins – 500000 Coins
  • Vault of coins – 1200000 Coins

Free Keys

  • Bunch of Keys – 25 Keys
  • Heap of Keys – 100 Keys
  • Sack of Keys – 300 Keys
  • Crate of Keys – 650 Keys

We might restrict your access to the tool if you overuse it for two obvious reasons. First, we do not want to compromise this method and render it useless for other Subway Surfers players and second, to protect your account.

By using the hack, you agree that you know what you are doing and you agree that you will not abuse it. The only information required is the e-mail address you use for the Facebook account linked with the game and the number of free Coins and Keys. We will not store the e-mail address and we will not send you any emails. Your e-mail address will not be used for anything else except crediting you with the free resources.

You might share this page with your friends, but please do not post it on forums and other public places due to the fact that too much attention might get this tool closed.

We have implemented a SSL certificate according to the upcoming changes in web security policies, guaranteeing that no one is spying on the connection between your browser and our servers.