The Ultimate Guide on How to get a High Score in Subway Surfers

Author: Danielle K. — Last updated: February 3rd, 2017

As fun as this game is playing it just for fun or simply to kill leisure time, sooner or later, one cannot help but awaken his competitive side wanting to see their name at the top of the charts, amongst best players with highest scores. However, if you don’t buy in-app purchases, it doesn’t matter how hard you try or how much time you spend playing, you may still feel like you are stuck at one place and can’t move forward.

Luckily, there are a few tips I will share with you today, which will help you achieve a new best score on Subway Surfers.

Get your multiplier up to the max (x30)

As you know, when you first start the game you can’t really score that much. This is due to the level of your multiplier which starts at x1. As you go further and you level up and complete missions, your multiplier increases, thus, your score increases as well. For this reason you should strive to max your multiplier to x30 in order to get the highest score possible. Because if your multiplier is x30, when you run let’s say 1000 meters, you will have 30 000 points, but if your multiplier is x1 for the 1000 meters you run, you will only get 1000 points. That’s why, maxing up your multiplier should be your number one priority if you wish to have bigger success in Subway Surfers.

In order to do so you should go to the Missions tab located on the upper left corner on your screen and see what is it that you need to do to get the multiplier up. Complete all the missions you need to. Then, it is very important to max up all your power-ups (Jetpack, Super Sneakers, Coin Magnet and x2 Multiplier). The fuller the bars next to the power-ups are, the longer they are going to last, thus you will have bigger chance to hit your highest score yet.

Now, you must be wondering – how on earth will I be able to afford that? Don’t worry there is no need to buy in-app purchase in order to achieve all this. What you need to do is collect as many coins as you can by going on random runs solely for this reason – collect coins. Save these coins and do not spend them on anything but power-up purchases.

Stock up on Hoverboards and Keys

Hoverboards are very useful and come in handy when your character starts to run insanely fast and you can’t keep up the pace. But the best thing about them is that they are prolonging your run. For example, when you are riding a Hoverboard instead of running, if you hit an object they will take the hit for you. This means that you won’t stop running and you will continue your cycle for high score on foot. My recommendation is to stock up on Hoverboards and use them only when you reach certain level and your power-ups are upgraded to max. Make sure you have at least 600+ Hoverboards before going on “the run” which will catapult you to the top of the High Score Charts.

The same thing goes for Keys as well. Stock up on them and use them only when you’ve reached a certain point in Subway Surfers where you can compete with the “big dogs”. Keys are a valuable resource to have when things go south. You can use them to save your character when you’ve reached a good score but suddenly you hit something and you’re score is about to go to waste. The Key will save you and you will be able to continue with your run.

Practice, practice, practice...

As cliché as this phrase may appear, it is simply crucial and inevitable part on the journey to success in Subway Surfers, or any game in general.

Go on random runs as often as you can, just to collect coins, without wasting any Keys or Hoverboards. This way, not only will you collect valuable coins which you will need to upgrade your power-ups and boosters, but you will improve your reflexes and your overall game-play. Plus you will gain some new skills and learn the map which will definitely have an impact on your score later on in the game when you will be running for highest score.

Try to run on top of trains just to have a clearer point of view of what’s going on and the obstacles that are coming your way. And last but not least, when you go on the run you should use your three hits starts on your score boosters.

These are all the tips I can give you for getting high score without spending real money on in-app purchases. I hope you guys find this guide helpful and if not, you can always check out or Subway Surfers Hack and use it for instant progress in this wonderful game.