Subway Surfers: Miami (repeating for second time)

This is the first edition from the World Tour Series in Subway Surfers that was re-released for the second time. The limited character here, as in the previous Miami installment was Nick which now had a new outfit – the Speed outfit. This change made Nick to be the first limited character which got additional outfit. Tasha also had a new outfit – the Gym outfit. In the Weekly hunt for this edition the tokens that needed to be collected were Flamingos. And depending on the number of Flamingos you collected different prizes were available. For example in week 1 the prize for 20 collected Flamingos was a Super Mystery Box.

You can check out the previous version of Subway Surfers Miami that was released in 2013 here.

Subway Surfers: Miami

Released in June 2013, the Subway Surfers: Miami was the sixth edition from the World Tour series. As all the previous editions, this one too was available for free. The new character introduced here was Nick, as for hoverboards the new ones were Flamingo and the power-up Hot Rod board which was quite pricey and costed 280,000 Coins.

In addition, for spicing-up the game a bit, the developers introduced new outfits for Jack and Tricky, which was a big hit and players seemed to like it a lot. Jake had two new outfits to choose from and one of them – the Dark outfit was free and the Star outfit costed 30 Keys. Both of Tricky’s outfits were paid – the Camo outfit was 25 Keys and the Heart outfit costed 40 Keys.