Subway Surfers: London: Christmas Special

Like the previous edition, the Subway Surfers: London: Christmas Special was two-in-one edition as well. It was part of the World Tour and Holiday Themed series. The release date was November 21st 2013 which made this the eleventh edition and the last one for the year of 2013. It was Christmas Themed and it took place on the streets of London.

The new character here was Jamie – a curious photographer available for 95,000 Coins. Jamie also appeared in the Las Vegas and the Mumbai edition for 24 hours. However, his character was discontinued in the re-release of the London edition. The new hoverboard in this edition were Snowflake – 50,000 Coins and Jingles – 60 little Christmas trees (which you were supposed to collect in order to get this hoverboard). To capture the Christmas spirit and make the game more festive the inspector and his dog were dressed up like Santa and Rodolph.

Subway Surfers: Holiday Edition

This was the first Christmas-themed edition released in December 2012 right after the Halloween one. Everything was in accordance with the Christmas spirit, even the inspector was dressed like Santa and his dog like Rudolph the reindeer. The new character introduced here was Elf Tricky – the same Tricky but dressed in Christmas outfit and with extra cool boards that you were able to choose from, of course if you had the coins to pay for them. The only board that was included for free was the Starboard.