Subway Surfers: Miami

Released in June 2013, the Subway Surfers: Miami was the sixth edition from the World Tour series. As all the previous editions, this one too was available for free. The new character introduced here was Nick, as for hoverboards the new ones were Flamingo and the power-up Hot Rod board which was quite pricey and costed 280,000 Coins.

In addition, for spicing-up the game a bit, the developers introduced new outfits for Jack and Tricky, which was a big hit and players seemed to like it a lot. Jake had two new outfits to choose from and one of them – the Dark outfit was free and the Star outfit costed 30 Keys. Both of Tricky’s outfits were paid – the Camo outfit was 25 Keys and the Heart outfit costed 40 Keys.

Subway Surfers: Sydney

As the fourth edition of the World Tour series, Subway Surfers: Sydney was released in April 2013 and it was a big deal because it brought significant new feature in the game – the Keys. As you k now they are a powerful asset to have which can save you in crucial moments when you need it the most. Having Keys means that you can continue the game by reviving your character or you can buy your favorite outfits for your character, which is pretty cool.

The new character in this edition was Kim which was available for 95,000 Coins. The new board was the Outback that could have been purchased for 50,000 Coins. Also a new Weekly Hunt was at disposal for all the players where they needed to collect tokens in order to receive rewards.

Subway Surfers: Rome

This was the third edition from the World Tour series and it was released in March 2013. The new character introduced here was Roberto who was available for 95,000 Coins. Also, three new Hoverboards were presented: Chicky, Kick-off and Scoot. The Chicky one was limited and it was 100 eggs and players also had the possibility to go on Egg Hunt mission, where after they’ve collected 100 eggs they were rewarded with the Chicky board. The Kick-off hoverboard was also limited and available for 50 000 eggs. And finally the Scoot one was non-limited at the cost of 35,000 Coins.

Subway Surfers: Rio

After New York, the second edition of the World Tour series was Subway Surfers: Rio, which was released on 31 of January 2013. Even though a lot of time has passed since then, and a lot of new versions and editions of this game emerged, this one still remains the best rated version so far.

With this version which was free, it was launched a new character Carmen which unfortunately was not available for free, you had to pay 95,000 Coins for her, as well as for the new limited edition board Toucan which was 50,000 Coins. Also in this Rio version the Headstarts was replaced with the new Score Booster power-up.

Subway Surfers: New York City

The Subway Surfers: New York City edition is the first from the World Tour series/editions were instead of a holiday theme, here the theme was New York or in other words the scenery took place in New York City. It was released January 2013 and like all the other editions it was available one month, for free of course. However if you have wanted to get the full experience there were new things on which you could have spend your money like the new character Tony or the new Hoverboards: Liberty, Miami, Monster and Skull Fire.

Subway Surfers: Holiday Edition

This was the first Christmas-themed edition released in December 2012 right after the Halloween one. Everything was in accordance with the Christmas spirit, even the inspector was dressed like Santa and his dog like Rudolph the reindeer. The new character introduced here was Elf Tricky – the same Tricky but dressed in Christmas outfit and with extra cool boards that you were able to choose from, of course if you had the coins to pay for them. The only board that was included for free was the Starboard.

Subway Surfers: Halloween Edition

This was the first of the edition series in Subway Surfers which started back in November 2012 and continues to this day on monthly bases. It was also the first of the three Halloween Editions in the game. The Subway Surfers: Halloween Edition was obviously Halloween-themed and on the same note a new character was introduced – Zombie Jake. It was basically the same old Jake, a character that we’ve fell in love in since the beginning of the game, only in a zombie version of himself.