Subway Surfers: New York City (repeating for second time)

Subway Surfers: Ney York City was re-released on March 6th 2014 for the second time which made this the 15th edition and the second one to be repeating from the World Tour Series (if you are searching the first version click here). In this version to spice-up things a bit, the developers added new outfits for Tony and King. Tony is the limited character here and he got the Folk outfit which was available for 15 Keys. King had the Royal outfit which turned his paper crown in to a gold one and this outfit was available for 30 Keys.

Also in this edition the Super Jackpots event was re-introduced and a new one named Super Mysterizer was added as well. As for the Weekly Hunt here players needed to collect Tiny Liberty Statues in order to get rewards.

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