Subway Surfers: New Orleans: Halloween Special

The Subway Surfers: New Orleans: Halloween Special was the 10th updtate and it was quite unique because it was part of the Holiday Themed and the World Tour series – two in one. Because it was released in October the theme was Halloween of course. The release date was October 17th 2013 and the scenery took place in the colorful New Orleans.

This time the new character was Eddy which was a magician available for 95,000 Coins. His outfit was spot-on with the Halloween theme. Eddy had magician hat with red feather and a skull pin. His shirt also had a skeleton on it and was perfectly matched with a purple medieval style jacket. The resemblance to Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog was obvious and it’s no coincidence that the movie took place in New Orleans as well. The new hoverboard introduced in this installment was the Pumpkin hoverboard which was available for 50,000 Coins.

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