Subway Surfers: Mumbai

This is the first edition for 2014 and the twelfth in a row from the total number of editions. In Subway Surfers: Mumbai the new character was Jay which was unlocked for 95,000 Coins. Jay is a marathon runner dressed with white tank top and shorts and also wearing a gold medal around his neck. His hairstyle is also very interesting – a top-head bun. However in his re-appearance in the New York 2014 update his outfit and hairstyle were changed for some reason. Either way, we like this character equally in both of his versions.

The new hoverboard introduced in this installment was Bengal – 50,000 Coins. The other news which Subway Surfers: Mumbai brought in the game was that from now on the editions were to last 3 instead of 4 weeks and the number of challenges also dropped from 4 to 3 challenges per edition. Additional spice-up here was that new outfits were available for both Tasha and Frank.

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