Subway Surfers: New York City (repeating for second time)

Subway Surfers: Ney York City was re-released on March 6th 2014 for the second time which made this the 15th edition and the second one to be repeating from the World Tour Series (if you are searching the first version click here). In this version to spice-up things a bit, the developers added new outfits for Tony and King. Tony is the limited character here and he got the Folk outfit which was available for 15 Keys. King had the Royal outfit which turned his paper crown in to a gold one and this outfit was available for 30 Keys.

Also in this edition the Super Jackpots event was re-introduced and a new one named Super Mysterizer was added as well. As for the Weekly Hunt here players needed to collect Tiny Liberty Statues in order to get rewards.

Subway Surfers: Seoul

The Seoul edition is the 14th in a row from the Subway Surfers World Tour Series, however, it is the 13th city because the Subway Surfers Miami edition repeated twice. It was released on Valentine’s Day (February 14th) 2014. We don’t know if it is a coincidence but as you can see this installment is the 14th edition, released on 14th in 2014 – the number 14 is all over the place (which of course has nothing to do with the game-play itself and it does not change anything regarding game-play) it was just a fun fact we wanted to point out.

The new character introduced here was the South Korean girl named Mina. She could have been purchased for 95,000 Coins. She also had additional outfit – a Robo Outfit (all black costume with red make up) which was available for 15 Keys. The Weekly Hunt for this edition was also very fun, as it required players to collect robots while doing the standard endless running.

Subway Surfers: Miami (repeating for second time)

This is the first edition from the World Tour Series in Subway Surfers that was re-released for the second time. The limited character here, as in the previous Miami installment was Nick which now had a new outfit – the Speed outfit. This change made Nick to be the first limited character which got additional outfit. Tasha also had a new outfit – the Gym outfit. In the Weekly hunt for this edition the tokens that needed to be collected were Flamingos. And depending on the number of Flamingos you collected different prizes were available. For example in week 1 the prize for 20 collected Flamingos was a Super Mystery Box.

You can check out the previous version of Subway Surfers Miami that was released in 2013 here.

Subway Surfers: Mumbai

This is the first edition for 2014 and the twelfth in a row from the total number of editions. In Subway Surfers: Mumbai the new character was Jay which was unlocked for 95,000 Coins. Jay is a marathon runner dressed with white tank top and shorts and also wearing a gold medal around his neck. His hairstyle is also very interesting – a top-head bun. However in his re-appearance in the New York 2014 update his outfit and hairstyle were changed for some reason. Either way, we like this character equally in both of his versions.

The new hoverboard introduced in this installment was Bengal – 50,000 Coins. The other news which Subway Surfers: Mumbai brought in the game was that from now on the editions were to last 3 instead of 4 weeks and the number of challenges also dropped from 4 to 3 challenges per edition. Additional spice-up here was that new outfits were available for both Tasha and Frank.

Subway Surfers: London: Christmas Special

Like the previous edition, the Subway Surfers: London: Christmas Special was two-in-one edition as well. It was part of the World Tour and Holiday Themed series. The release date was November 21st 2013 which made this the eleventh edition and the last one for the year of 2013. It was Christmas Themed and it took place on the streets of London.

The new character here was Jamie – a curious photographer available for 95,000 Coins. Jamie also appeared in the Las Vegas and the Mumbai edition for 24 hours. However, his character was discontinued in the re-release of the London edition. The new hoverboard in this edition were Snowflake – 50,000 Coins and Jingles – 60 little Christmas trees (which you were supposed to collect in order to get this hoverboard). To capture the Christmas spirit and make the game more festive the inspector and his dog were dressed up like Santa and Rodolph.

Subway Surfers: New Orleans: Halloween Special

The Subway Surfers: New Orleans: Halloween Special was the 10th updtate and it was quite unique because it was part of the Holiday Themed and the World Tour series – two in one. Because it was released in October the theme was Halloween of course. The release date was October 17th 2013 and the scenery took place in the colorful New Orleans.

This time the new character was Eddy which was a magician available for 95,000 Coins. His outfit was spot-on with the Halloween theme. Eddy had magician hat with red feather and a skull pin. His shirt also had a skeleton on it and was perfectly matched with a purple medieval style jacket. The resemblance to Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog was obvious and it’s no coincidence that the movie took place in New Orleans as well. The new hoverboard introduced in this installment was the Pumpkin hoverboard which was available for 50,000 Coins.

Subway Surfers: Moscow

Released on September 5th 2013, Subway Surfers: Moscow was the ninth edition from the World Tour series. As in all of the previous updates, a new character was introduced in this one too – the limited edition character named Alex. She is a cool girl wearing a red hat called Ushanka which is a typical furry Russian hat with ear flaps to protect her from the cold winter days. Alex also took appearance in the Subway Surfers: Amsterdam edition in the event Wild Wednesdays. She was available for 95,000 Coins and her new hoverboard Teddy was 50,000 Coins.

Subway Surfers: Beijing

After Paris, which was the seventh installment from the Subway Surfers World Tour series, the eight edition in a row was the Beijing one. The releasing date was August 1st 2013 and this was the second edition located in Asia.

The Subway Surfers: Beijing was a special update because a new cool item which we all love and still use was introduced – the Power Jumper. With this item categorized as power-up within the game-play, you have the ability to jump very high and collect all the coins you come across and because it was such a huge hit among players, this power-up is still available in 2017. The other new perks presented in this installment were the new character Sun – a Chinese acrobat and two new hoverboards – Panda and Dragon.


Subway Surfers: Paris

After six successful updates with different locations all over the world, finally the city of lights had his turn. On July 1st 2013 the seventh update was released – Subway Surfers: Paris. Everything was themed in the French spirit with the bistros and patisseries on the side of the trails, but especially nice touch was the loading screen were the Eiffel Tower was incorporated in the word “Paris” taking the place of the letter “A”.

Aside from the Eiffel Tower, the French Mime and red berets are also one of the most common associations when you think of Paris. Therefore, the new character Coco was exactly that – a Mime with red beret. She was a limited edition character available for 95,000 Coins. Her hoverboard was named Rose, of course, and it was 50,000 coins. Yes, there was nothing free in this edition, but after all even in real life Paris is expensive city and you must pay to experience the magic of the “city of lights”.

This installment was reintroduced two more times in 2014 and 2015 and it was the first one that was repeated three times. Who knows maybe it will be the first one to appear four times if they released it again in 2017 – we would like that for sure.

Subway Surfers: Miami

Released in June 2013, the Subway Surfers: Miami was the sixth edition from the World Tour series. As all the previous editions, this one too was available for free. The new character introduced here was Nick, as for hoverboards the new ones were Flamingo and the power-up Hot Rod board which was quite pricey and costed 280,000 Coins.

In addition, for spicing-up the game a bit, the developers introduced new outfits for Jack and Tricky, which was a big hit and players seemed to like it a lot. Jake had two new outfits to choose from and one of them – the Dark outfit was free and the Star outfit costed 30 Keys. Both of Tricky’s outfits were paid – the Camo outfit was 25 Keys and the Heart outfit costed 40 Keys.